Camtrap DP

Data exchange format for camera trap data

Camera Trap Data Package (Camtrap DP) is a community-developed data exchange format for camera trap data. A Camtrap DP is a Frictionless Data Package that consists of:

File Description
datapackage.json Metadata about the data package and camera trap project.
deployments.csv Table with camera trap placements (deployments).
media.csv Table with media files recorded during deployments.
observations.csv Table with observations derived from the media files.


See Bubnicki et al. (2023) to learn more about Camtrap DP.


See the example dataset.



To allow validation, the datapackage.json of your dataset should reference the used version of Camtrap DP, both in profile and the resources’ schema:

   "name": "...",
   "profile": "<version>/camtrap-dp-profile.json",
   "resources": [
         "name": "deployments",
         "schema": "<version>/deployments-table-schema.json"
         "name": "media",
         "schema": "<version>/media-table-schema.json"
         "name": "observations",
         "schema": "<version>/observations-table-schema.json"

You can validate your dataset against the specifications of Camtrap DP (and Frictionless Data Package) with:

pip install frictionless
frictionless validate path/to/your/datapackage.json


Questions? Suggestions? Contribute to the development of Camtrap DP by watching the repository and participating in issue discussions.


To cite the Camtrap DP paper:

Bubnicki JW, Norton B, Baskauf SJ, Bruce T, Cagnacci F, Casaer J, Churski M, Cromsigt JPGM, Farra SD, Fiderer C, Forrester TD, Hendry H, Heurich M, Hofmeester TR, Jansen PA, Kays R, Kuijper DPJ, Liefting Y, Linnell JDC, Luskin MS, Mann C, Milotic T, Newman P, Niedballa J, Oldoni D, Ossi F, Robertson T, Rovero F, Rowcliffe M, Seidenari L, Stachowicz I, Stowell D, Tobler MW, Wieczorek J, Zimmermann F, Desmet P (2023). Camtrap DP: an open standard for the FAIR exchange and archiving of camera trap data. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation.

To cite the Camtrap DP standard, use the citation provided by GitHub, which is generated from a CITATION.cff file. See About CITATION files for more info.

Camtrap DP is managed by the Machine Observations Interest Group of Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG).